Brow Color Correction in Vancouver WA

Improve your brows with eyebrow color correction, fixing faded or discolored microblading and correcting pigment choice for beautiful, natural-looking results.

Restoring faded microblading with color correction

Artists have been seeing more and more clients coming in with faded results of eyebrow tattooing that have turned blue-grayish, green, red, even purplish. One option for dealing with those unwanted pigments is permanent makeup color correction. What the treatment basically means is applying an additional cosmetic tattoo in the opposite color to what the pigments have faded into over the unwanted results. The color on the opposite side of the color wheel will neutralize the unattractive shade and significantly diminish its visibility. To give an example, for eyebrow color correction of red residues, an olive shade pigment needs to be tattooed over them. We know how this sounds, but this won’t leave you with green eyebrows; the new color will neutralize the old one and the result is a brownish shade that can then be further corrected into the desired shade.

Why does microblading fade?

Microblading can fade over time due to several factors, with three of the most common being natural skin exfoliation, sun exposure, and skin type. The skin naturally exfoliates, causing the pigment to gradually diminish as the outer layers of the skin shed. Additionally, UV rays from the sun can break down the pigment, leading to faster fading. Skin type also plays a significant role; oily skin types, in particular, tend to experience quicker fading because the excess oil can break down the pigment more rapidly. When microblading fades or changes color, it can leave your eyebrows looking uneven or unnatural. Fortunately, our expert eyebrow color correction services at Complexions Vancouver Medspa can address these issues, restoring your brows to their desired appearance and ensuring they look beautiful and natural once again.

Eyebrow color correction is a shading technique that can effectively address issues with eyebrow tattooing or permanent makeup. While it cannot maintain the definition of microblading strokes, it achieves a soft powder brow effect. For those seeking more definition, we can combine color correction with additional nanoblading or microblading strokes to create a stunning combo brow effect. The ideal candidate for eyebrow color correction is anyone whose tattooed brows have faded to an undesirable color, such as too warm, too cool, red, green, blue-grayish, or purple. If you’re not satisfied with the color of your brows and prefer a refresh over removal, color correction is the perfect solution. To determine if you’re a candidate for this service, book a consultation with our eyebrow artist today!

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