Chemical Peels

Our skin is comprised of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the fat layer. Chemical peels primarily deal with the epidermis but can also penetrate the dermis layer.

A chemical peel is a powerful skin-resurfacing procedure in which a solution is applied to the skin to peel away and exfoliate damaged cells—revealing smoother, more radiant skin underneath. Chemical peels are among the most effective nonsurgical treatments for addressing anti-aging concerns and common skin conditions. Chemical peels are an easy, non-invasive option for skin rejuvenation.

While there is visible improvement in your skin after one peel, best results are obtained with multiple treatments over time. We offer two types of chemical peels at Complexions Vancouver MedSpa: superficial peels and medium peels. We proudly offer PCA Skin products.

Types of chemical peels

Superficial peels, also known as light peels or lunchtime peels, are great for exfoliating the outermost layer of the epidermis, removing dead and damaged skin cells and refreshing the look of it. These peels are ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Medium-depth peels penetrate more deeply into the dermis layer. This can help improve the look and feel of your skin, treating wrinkles, shrinking enlarged pores, reversing signs of aging, skin pigmentation, and sun damage. These peels are also successful at improving acne scars and breakouts

What to Expect During a Chemical Peel:

1. We will gently cleanse your face with PCA facial wash to remove any traces of makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. We will then use a PCA toner to prepare your skin for the treatment. Your advanced aesthetician will begin by applying the peel over your skin. After three passes over the skin, the peel will have been successfully applied.

2. Hydrating serum will be applied to the treated area to help the skin recover. You will be given a series of instructions on how to care for your skin over the coming week. Following the aftercare instructions will be important to ensure effectiveness of the peel.

3. Your skin will potentially peel over the following 3 to 5 days. It is important to avoid picking at possible flaky skin. We will offer you a complimentary post-care kit for 3-5 days to ensure you have everything to care for your skin after your treatment. You will want to avoid direct sunlight for 1–2 weeks and avoid letting your skin becoming too warm such as in hot showers, steam rooms, saunas, or excessive exercise. 

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